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Gay London Dating

by Jamie Banning 16. May 2012 00:49
London is the best city in the world for gay dating. We give a few pointers on how to make the most of living in London if you're gay and single. [More]

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Civil Partnerships in Jersey Finally Legal

by Jamie Banning 6. April 2012 18:39
The law on civil partnerships in Jersey have finally caught up with the rest of the UK. GayDatingAgency.com welcomes new gay couples from Jersey! [More]

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Gay Marriage Inches Closer - Maybe

by Jamie Banning 12. March 2012 16:47
Gay marriage seems to be inches closer to the statute books, but religious prejudice and blind adherence to traditions is creating a big old fight. [More]

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Hoteliers lose right to discriminate against gay married couple

by Jamie Banning 17. February 2012 14:55
Christian hoteliers lose their right to discriminate against legally married gay couple. Stonewall and Christian Institute go head to head. Who are the real winners and losers? [More]

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Whose Marriage Is It Anyway?

by Jamie Banning 14. February 2012 21:46
Gay marriage is hardly out of the news at the moment. In our view, civil partnerships are not very civil while they still offer different life choices to straight couples than to gay couples. Love should not come with caveats attached. If civil partnership has the same legal rights as marriage, then... [More]

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Tesco withdraw sponsorship of Gay Pride

by Jamie Banning 8. January 2012 18:46
Sadly we've found out that supermarket giant Tesco are withdrawing their £30,000 sponsorship of Gay Pride. Some Christians are hailing this a victory for themselves. Tesco will be looking for other ways to support its Out at Tesco group of gay staff. What a shame! Gay Dating Agency was just be... [More]


Gay Penguins Split

by Jamie Banning 13. December 2011 15:18
Nest-sharing, fish-loving, flipper-sporting gay penguins Pedro and Buddy from Toronto zoo have split! Shock news for those us following their bromance online. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16153511

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Back to Basics - Dating Tips for Gay Men

by Mark Weikel 25. October 2011 16:01
Back to Basics: Dating Tips for Gay Men As a man with plenty of dating experience, you might think that you don’t need any advice when it comes to courting a new guy. However, if you’ve had a string of failed relationships thanks to all of the complicated rules out there surrounding dat... [More]


Gay Dating Couple Thrown Out of Pub For Kissing

by Jamie Banning 15. April 2011 13:51
A London gay dating couple were thrown out of the John Snow pub in London's SoHo, after the landlord took offence at their kissing. [More]

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Welcome to Gay Dating Agency 2.0

by Heather Morris 17. March 2011 11:22
GayDatingAgency.com has changed! We've taken on board hundreds of new members, got a brand new fresh design, and introduced loads of new features. [More]

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