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Gay London Dating

by Jamie Banning 16. May 2012 00:49
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Gay dating in London is thriving with men from all over the world collecting in our capital to meet and take advantage of the relatively open and supportive community here. Whether you are younger or older, out and proud or in the closet, bi, Trans or queer, there is a place for you here in London and destinations to meet other LGBT folks on and off the London gay scene.

With mainstream clubs like Heaven and G.A.Y., or traditional gay hang-outs like Old Compton Street in Soho, the gay community in London is well established and diverse. Soho offers rainbow-flagged restaurants, bars and clubs to cater for a myriad of tastes and budgets, and can provide you with fun, company and new experiences galore.

Many people like to meet potential boyfriends online instead of simply hanging out in gay venues to see who is there, and this can be a great way of letting people know what you are looking for. Here at www.gaydatingagency.com we cater for men who are looking for potential relationships as opposed to quick hook-ups, and can help you navigate London’s hectic gay dating scene.

If you are looking for no-strings fun then it may not be hard to find, and protection is the key to approaching gay dating in London. But, if you are looking for a soul-mate, a potential father with whom to bring up a family or simply someone great to spend quality time with away from the lively crowd, it may take a little more patience to find the man who can give you what you are looking for.

A well thought out profile on a gay dating site can offer you the space and time to choose who you wish to meet and where you want to meet them. Always submit genuine, recent photos and a truthful description of your likes and dislikes when you create a profile on a dating site; this will help you to avoid wasting time and maximise your chances of meeting the right man.

Gay dating in London can be great fun when approached with a clear idea of what is right for you and what you have to offer. London is a hub of gay activists and campaigners, who can be hugely thoughtful and intelligent with diverse ideas on how to date, live and love as a gay man in London. 

London Gay Pride Festival, the biggest UK Pride event, attracts thousands of people each year who take part in an enormous street party and host events covering many different aspects of gay life. Pride can be a great time to meet people but also just to celebrate the evolution of the gay community in London from its pioneering roots to the cultural heavy-hitter it is today.

However you choose to approach gay dating in London, be safe, have fun and keep in mind what you are really, truly looking for – there is someone out there for everyone and London is a great place to enjoy the search.

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Gay Dating Couple Thrown Out of Pub For Kissing

by Jamie Banning 15. April 2011 13:51

This week a top news story is about how two young gay men were asked to leave (some reports say they were forcibly asked to leave) the John Snow pub in London's SoHo.

What's going on here? Certainly it seems that there was an anti-gay element to this incident. The couple were asked to stop kissing because the landlord and landlady branded their behaviour obscene and offensive. Hardly shocking behaviour in a central London pub is it - snogging your date? But apparently the John Snow thinks so - and we can reasonably draw the conclusion that this was only because it was two men, not a man and a woman.

So, if you're on a date with your boyfriend, should you have a right to snog in public? Strictly speaking the landlord of that pub had every right to choose his customers, because his job is to maximise profits, and if any behaviour occurs which could lower profits (in this case by driving other customers away) then he's not doing his job properly. However this could have seriously backfired as the John Snow pub in particular and Samuel Smith's brewery in general will now have the reputation of being homophobic and unwelcoming to gay people.

Many gay commentors on the issue have taken the view that a peck on the cheek is fine in public, but full-on tonsil tennis is way over the bounds of acceptable behaviour. For the simple reason that those are the norms that generally apply to everyone everywhere.

Others have suggested that there are parts of London that are gay-friendly so the couple should have gone there. Hardly seems right to ghettoize us into small communities. And the John Snow is only a few street away from the "acceptable" localities. Are we still in a world where there are certain pubs on certain streets where we can kiss and certain others where we can't. What if you were new to London and didn't know the rules? This line of reasoning seems to lead us into an unholy mess.

It's always problematic to try and draw a general conclusion from a specific incident. We weren't there, we didn't witness this. But there seems to be implications for gay dating in general. It seems we're still expected to toe a certain line. We can sit in the pub, but no kissing. If we must kiss, it's no tongues. Better get used to the rules lads, otherwise you might be on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing of the wrong kind entirely.

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