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Space for serendipity

by Adam Clark 11. November 2010 16:50
Life coach Adam Clark signs in with some thoughts on serendipity and how we could all benefit from allowing a little bit of it into our goal-driven and over-stressed lives. [More]

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Good companions

by Adam Clark 11. October 2010 16:46
Gay Life Coach Adam Clark on friendship and what it means today. How to make, and keep, and develop friendships. [More]

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Bouncing Back

by Adam Clark 20. September 2010 19:07
Gay Life Coach Adam Clark coping with disappointments and setbacks, and building resilience. [More]

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New Years Resolutions

by Adam Clark 31. December 2007 18:20
Gay life coach Adam Clark thinks about how to succeed with New Year's Resolutions [More]

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