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Obama vs Romney vs Gay Marriage

by Heather Morris 29. October 2012 23:06
What are Obama and Romney's views on gay marriage? If you were living in America today, who would you vote for in the Presidential elections? Make no mistake, what happens in this election will affect you, me and the whole LGBT community. American had better get this right. In the UK our three-par... [More]


Welcome to Gay Dating Agency 2.0

by Heather Morris 17. March 2011 11:22
GayDatingAgency.com has changed! We've taken on board hundreds of new members, got a brand new fresh design, and introduced loads of new features. [More]

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Gay dating tips

by Heather Morris 11. February 2011 18:09
How to make your first gay date a great one - and avoid some common pitfalls [More]

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Civil Partnerships - A Quick Guide

by Heather Morris 18. January 2011 08:35
This is a quick guide to civil partnerships and how they work in the UK, compiled by GayDatingAgency.com If you want to have the same legal status as your married friends, civil partnership is currently the only legal route available to you. Still, whilst it is not marriage in the religious sense... [More]

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Gay Muslims Want to Marry the Islamic Way

by Heather Morris 18. May 2010 08:19
It's reported that some of Britain's gay Muslim couples are seeking to exploit traditional Islamic wedding to cement their relationships in the UK. The Islamic marriage contract - the "nikah", normally applied to a homosexual relationship, can also be applied to a homosexual relationship, providing ... [More]

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Photo tips

by Heather Morris 21. July 2006 12:30
We present tips to make the best possible use of your photos - make maximum impact and improve your dating success! [More]

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Gay dating safety

by Heather Morris 21. April 2006 20:04
How to make your first gay date a great one - and avoid some common pitfalls [More]

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What is Gay Dating Agency?

by Heather Morris 11. March 2005 16:24
We discuss what Gay Dating Agency, and how it can help you. [More]

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