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Joy and champagne at GDA today

by Jamie Banning 6. February 2013 12:11
Champagne at GDA HQ today

Watching the Commons debate last night, and then seeing the results come in was tantalising, breathtaking, incredible. Seeing the "traditionalist" arguments (contorted, twisted, convoluted) being swept aside by simple common sense and logic, was a miracle of political efficacy. Of course the passage of the Same Sex Marriage Bill does not legalise equal marriage, but it shows the will of parliament and the will of the people. 

Well done to everybody involved especially the Coalition for Equal Marriage and other campaigns, the Conservative MPs who supported the bill, knowing that it was creating divisions in their party, and all the other MPs who saw sense.

Nick Robinson at the BBC said that a key motivation behind the Prime Minister's support for equal marriage was to ensure that this coalition government had a legacy of a great policy change of great social importance rather than just focussing solely on the economy. Maybe so, but we can't deny that the PMs unwavering support for equal marriage, first out-of-church, and then in-church, has been key to pushing this through. Also Boris Johnson showed leadership "Just whack it through", he said.

Our society today stands more equal than ever before - and who can really believe that such "radical" steps are being taken in our lifetimes? So for now, we won't say any more except to wish all our members who are dating and forming new loving relationships - your life opportunities have just widened, and we wish you all the very best of luck in life and in love. We're cracking open a bottle of champagne that has been reserved for today.




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