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Happy Christmas

by Jamie Banning 11. December 2012 14:48
Gay Christmas
Have a wonderful Christmas y'all

Have to say it's been quite a year. It feels like something's rumbling - and not because of too much Christmas party food either. I mean that this year we've seen an attitude shift which may bring about something that the folks at GDA believe is profoundly important - equal marriage.

It's been a constant source of discussion here in the office and in the wider community too. Whilst it's relevant to all gay people, it is naturally deeply important to us here at GDA because we believe in love and marriage and stable long-term relationships. Doesn't mean we don't wanna have fun, just means we support love. 

Whether or not this coalition government enacts equal marriage, or whether it is left to a subsequent tory or Labour government, it seems certain that we will be celebrating the first equal marriages in the next year or two. Like a genie, equal marriage cannot be put back in the bottle now. 

We just hope that it might be a couple who met here at GDA who are the first couple to marry. Wouldn't that be a fine Christmas present?




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