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Gay Marriage Law Must Come Into Effect

by Jamie Banning 12. June 2012 20:53

Today's news is full of reports that the Church of England has again warned that gay marriage will erode the concept of marriage and lead to disestablishment of the Church and State.

We disagree entirely and insist that religion has no right to interfere with human relationships, no right to dictate who should marry whom, no right to claim ownership of marriage, and must withdraw from its legal status as "Church of state". The Church must accept its place as arbiter of religious sentiment and not moral sentiment.

Today we applaud the coalition in their defensive stance, particularly the Convervatives, who have displayed bravery over this issue given the backdrop of traditional convervative values which have opposed gay rights almost consistently throughout their history.

The Church of England say that the proposed legislation to protect religious organisations from having to conduct gay marriages is weak and will not work. We dispute this, and recognise a scaremongering tactic employed by the (rightly) scared.

The Church of England must recognise its immoral, evil and illogical position.

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