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Gay dating safety

by Heather Morris 21. April 2006 20:04

Longing to meet someone you've been chatting to online? Got a first date lined up? Follow our commonsense dating safety advice tips and enjoy a fantastic date!

Meeting new people on the web is brilliant fun and one of the easiest ways to find romance. It makes to be aware of personal safety when you go on a date with somebody you are meeting for the first time.

  • Exchange a good few messages before meeting. You may feel you've 'clicked' immediately with someone - but the more you know about a date, the better.
  • Don't give out your phone number or address unless you're really, really sure. If you do want to call your date, remember our phone friends service offers a safe way to phone without disclosing your number. If you do ring someone, and you're asked to reverse the charges on a call, don't. Your number appears on their phone bill.
  • Arrange to meet in a public place. Do not invite your first date round to your place. Lunchtime dates are great fun, and if you're at work they give a perfect "get-out" excuse if things aren't going too well.
  • Do not accept a lift - make your own way there and back.
  • Do discuss the dress code before the date: there's nothing more embarrassing than dressing down when they've dressed up.
  • Above all, trust your own feelings. If you have doubts about somebody the obvious thing to do is not to meet with them - at least until they have put your mind at rest.

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