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Gay dating tips

by Heather Morris 11. February 2011 18:09

Going on a date this week? We present our most important basic tips for you. Don't forget about any of these points, and have a great date!

1. Scrub up nicely

Look your very best - no excuses. Clean and polished shoes? In. Scruffy trainers - definitely out. There's no need to go mad and spend money you don't have - but a new pair of smart jeans or a clean cut shirt can dramatically improve your overall appearance. Charity shop chic might be cool but not on a first date - you're out to impress.

2. Don't forget the hair and makeup

Get down to the hairdressers. Tell them you're going on a date - you might get special treatment!

Ever had a proper barbers' shave? Date day could be a good time to try - it's relaxing and can sooth last-minute nerves not to mention leaving you looking and feeling fab.

Moisturise, morning, noon and night on the day before your first date. You'll wake up with your skin looking its best.

Apply any skin products such as concealer carefully and don't forget to check yourself in a couple of mirrors in different lights.

3.  Get a job

Seriously, we're much more fanciable if we're gainfully employed - no matter the profession! You need to be a man with a plan to gain a new fan. Ambition and motivation and hugely desirable qualities.

4. Gen up

Make sure you're aware of what's happening in the world. Read the papers. Watch the news. And I don't just mean the celeb pages. Educate yourself - you'll find yourself at home wherever your date night convo leads you. Intelligence is sooo sexy.

5. Go easy on the booze

It's your first date - you've got the jitters - we've all been there. But keep an eye on what you're drinking this first night - nobody wants to deal with a slobbering wreck at the end of the night. While we're on the subject your local gay bar probably isn't the best venue for your first date. A quiet restaurant might improve the atmosphere.

6. Manners maketh the man

Don't be late. If you absolutely must be late, text with a reason why! Don't expect your date to pay for all the drinks and food. Keep your potty mouth for a night out with the lads - your man doesn't want to hear how good you are at swearing tonight. Keep it romantic. Be kind, polite, and listen to what your man has to say.

7. Pack in smoking.

Just do it.

8. Listen

Talk, sure. But listen too. You might just learn something! Ask questions to draw out interesting aspects of your man's life, in a gentle way. Be appreciative of his opinions. If you find yourself in vehement disagreement, steer the conversation away. He'll understand!

9. Don't expect sex on your first date

You might be lusting after him and horny as hell. But if he's worth seeing, it's worth waiting for. You are capable of waiting!

10. Stay safe

Don't end up as another statistic - obey the basic gay dating rules - meet in a public place. Tell someone where you're going. Go home in a cab - not his car.

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