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Photo tips

by Heather Morris 21. July 2006 12:30

Perfect profile photos

We present tips to make the best possible use of your photos - make maximum impact and improve your dating success!

A great portrait photo
Looking straight into the camera and smiling - everything a great portrait photo should be

Question. Why should I have a photo? I thought personality was more important?

Answer. Members are 15 times more likely to look at your profile if it has a photo attached. Why get passed by?

Your portrait photo

Your portrait photo is the most important photo you have, because it appears not just on your profile but in many other places on-site as well. So ...

Keep it simple with a clear shot of your face, remembering not to include anyone else.

Smile - it costs nothing but will show you're friendly and approachable.

Do not wear sunglasses or a hat!! Members will think you are hiding!!

Example of blurred photo
Blurred photos won't focus much attention on you!

Make sure your photo is of high enough resolution so we can crop it down to size. 80kbs just isn’t enough!

If possible, use a proper camera - a digital camera is best. Try not to use a phone to take your picture because the quality is rarely good enough.

Additional photos

Additional photos appear only on your personal profile. These photos tell everyone who you really are. Here are our tips.

Pick a photo that you think will draw members in to look closer.

Photo of man cooking in kitchen
I like cooking! Here's a great profile photo

Try to take a photo with a background that might reflect your hobbies or personality. Drinking coffee in a bar with friends, fishing or playing the drums.

Try to pick a photo that will encourage someone to ask you a question about yourself. This will all go towards breaking the ice.


Include pictures that illustrate your personality, swimming with mates, the office party or at a wedding, as long as it isn’t your own.

Do include significant people in your life, like your family and friends.

Photo which has had an ex-partner removed 

Who's that girl? And what's she doing in your dating photo?

Look at the photos you are showing. Are they different, or are they all of you in the garden for example? The only thing this may say is, “I don’t get out much”.

Try to pick a photo that will encourage someone to ask you a question about it. This will all go towards breaking the ice.


Don't upload photos that has someone rubbed out in it. If you can’t find a photo without your ex in it, ask friends and family if they have a good one of you.

Don't upload out-of-date photos. Even if you were trendier in the 80's, clothes and hairstyles are a sure way of dating you.

Photo of man cooking in kitchen
An eye-catching photo but will it really attract the people you want to attract?

Don't upload any semi-naked photos of yourself. It may attract members, but not the sort you want! It probably won’t pass our reviewing process either.

Photo captions

The words used to describe your photos are just as important. Use them to sell yourself and tell your future partner what you are like. Try not to criticise yourself with negative captions.

‘No oil painting I’m afraid!’ and ‘I look awful in this photo’ will not encourage anyone to send a message.

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