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What is Gay Dating Agency?

by Heather Morris 11. March 2005 16:24

What is Gay Dating Agency?

Have you ever fallen madly in love? Do you remember how it felt? Pretty amazing isn't it? Imagine the thrill of receiving a message from someone out there and thinking "Wow, this could be the one!".

This is how Gay Dating Agency works. We can't guarantee immediate success but you'll have more fun trying and more chance of success than you'll ever have by hanging around in bars or hoping you'll meet someone at work or through a friend.

Heart We're local

If you're looking for friendship, a relationship or encounter, you want to find someone who lives near you, right? So we are local. We have branches in most countries in the world and if you want, you can search the world over. But most people choose to use their local branch. In the UK you can use our innovative postcode search to find potential partners within a short distance of where you live.

Heart We're so easy to use

Whether you're a total Internet novice or an old hand - you can learn how to use the site in minutes.

Heart We're fun

Finding the right man should be fun, shouldn't it? After all, we do it to be happy. We don't ask any awkward questions or put up any barriers, we just let you get on with meeting people. It's the perfect way to spend the evening.

Heart Incredible value

You can try us out for free. We've loaded up our guest membership account with some really great free dating features. For example, if you're interested in someone - send them a kiss!

When you've seen somebody you want to contact, just upgrade to our amazing Club Membership service. Our prices are incredibly low so absolutely everybody can afford to find love.

Heart Serious about online dating

Wondering why we offer extra paid-for services? Simple: because we filter out people who are not serious about meeting their perfect partner.

The hidden downside of free dating sites is they are inundated with attached people looking for affairs, and all sorts of other timewasters. But here at Gay Dating Agency we have a friendly dedicated team devoted to ensuring that everyone we introduce you to is genuinely looking for a great long-term relationship.

Ladies - would you trust a girl who is not even prepared to spend a few pounds to meet you? When girls upgrade their account they are showing they are trustworthy and creditworthy. They are showing they do not mind our details appearing on their bank statements. And above all they are showing they are serious about meeting you.

Guys - what price meeting "the one"? We advise against using free dating sites if you really want to find somebody to share your future with. We'll introduce you to genuine guys who are serious about finding a man to share their lives with.

Heart All the tools you need

We provide top-of-the-range online dating features that really make your life easy. Here are just a few ...

  • Online real-time one-to-one chat - there's no better way to get to know somebody than with our superb online instant messenger service
  • Create a photo album to show the world who you really are, and view other members' photo galleries.
  • Edit your photos online - our unique online photo editor helps you present your photos in the best way possible.
  • Get message alerts sent direct to your mobile phone. Never miss another vital love message!
  • Who's popular? See the greatest profiles on-site and find out what makes a fantastic online dating profile.
  • Dating coaching - we work with the world's top dating and relationship experts to bring you free, essential dating tips and advice each and every month.
  • Many ways to search - search local or go global. It's up to you. We provide you with all the ways you need to find the right person quickly.

Heart Safety and confidentiality

The best thing about Gay Dating Agency is that it's a very, very safe way to meet people. You don't give away any more details than you feel comfortable with. You build up a relationship slowly by exchanging messages anonymously and using instant messaging. You find out each other without ever taking any personal safety risks.

Heart Friendly

Everybody involved with this site is dedicated to helping you have fun and find romance, and we are very proud of our reputation as being one of the friendliest services around.

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